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Moving Beyond Stage Fright

I was working recently on an International Piano Academy in Germany, giving daily master classes to a group of committed and advanced pianists. I was also there in the capacity of Performance Coach. One of the students asked me whether I could talk to her friend, who was due to give a concert performance of […]

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More passion in Classical Music concerts please!

During a recent classical music concert, I was listening  to a song recital and admit to being rather underwhelmed by the lack of passion in the performance.  I know the world of art song very well. For years I coached singers and gave song recitals as a pianist. I know the repertoire back to front […]

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Memorising Music

I have worked as a chamber musician and duo partner for my entire career to date and therefore  I have not needed to play from memory in a concert. Music has been given to me anything from months before the concert to hours before, meaning that the demands I have had lay instead in being […]

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Teaching musicians: criticism or praise?

“Call yourself a musician? Your playing is not up to it! Go away and practise!” I have come across an incredible number of musicians who have experienced the full-on, critical approach of so-called ‘good’ teachers. These kinds of comments when dished out by famous musicians can be devastating for the recipient. They can at worst […]

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The plight of good musicians

I was shocked to hear through a friend of mine when I was in Amsterdam about the way in which the orchestras are being ruthlessly tampered with. The Netherlands Chamber Orchestra and the Netherlands Philharmonic are being merged, meaning that musicians are losing their jobs and therefore their livelihood. From all accounts, morale is sliding […]

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