Piano Teaching

Charlotte has been teaching the piano for 30 years and teaches from her studio in Oxford, where she has a thriving private practice. She taught at the Purcell School for 11 years, the University of Hong Kong and HK Academy for Performing Arts and now primarily teaches students from the University of Oxford and the London music colleges.

Charlotte focuses on students who are specialising in performance and considering or committed to becoming a professional pianist; school leavers preparing for music college auditions; university students with the intention of doing post graduate studies at music college; music college graduates about to embark on a performing career or established, professional pianists who are looking for on-going support.

She doesn’t teach beginners at all, and only occasionally teaches children who are very keen and committed.

Charlotte loves working with students who are open to new and different ways of teaching, students who are committed to learning and developing, aware that their greatest obstacles are self-imposed and can be transcended with imagination and perseverance. She believes that teaching the piano is just as much about teaching the person as it is teaching music and the instrument.


In teaching the piano, Charlotte encourages a student to:

  • Develop excellent piano technique
  • Foster a love and enjoyment of music and performing
  • Communicate fully through the music and the instrument
  • Use their whole body (not just hands or arms) efficiently and effectively to create rich, powerful sounds with the minimum of effort
  • Relish the process of working in fine detail on a piece of music to meet its technical and interpretive demands
  • Reach international performance standards


Through her holistic approach, a student learns to:

  • Integrate body, mind and emotions as a learner, pianist and performer
  • Let go of unnecessary physical tension, mental and emotional habits that can get in the way of learning and playing at their best
  • Become an adventurous and successful learner through highly creative approaches
  • Light up, grow and advance in their piano playing, seeing how this can positively affect other parts of their life as well.