Performance Coaching



What is Performance Coaching?

Performance Coaching helps musicians perform at their peak. It puts the focus on the musician as a human being, and supports them by clearing any mental, emotional or physical blocks that get in the way of their performing. Working in this way, musicians can be surprised at how easily and quickly their music-making improves, often without any extra practising!



What does Performance Coaching involve?

Performance Coaching for individuals supports musicians in learning how to:

  • Memorise efficiently;
  • Focus in practice and performance;
  • Manage your performance nerves;
  • Release physical and mental tension in practice and performance;
  • Prevent and move on from performance related injury;
  • Deal with your Inner Critic in practice and performance;
  • Be on top form in an audition;
  • Introduce pieces to an audience;
  • Own the stage: communicate well to an audience and feel comfortable on stage;
  • Develop your practice technique.


Performance Coaching for ensembles supports musicians in learning how to:

  • Develop excellent listening as an ensemble;
  • Develop excellent ensemble playing;
  • Communicate with colleagues in an emotionally intelligent way;
  • Own the stage: communicate well to an audience and feel comfortable on stage as an ensemble;
  • Develop rehearsal techniques.



How Charlotte works

Charlotte works with a profound intuition, backed up by decades of experience as a teacher and as a professional performing musician.

She sits with a musician, talks with them, watches the way they move, listens to the sound they make, gets a sense of their personality and facilitates their understanding of what is blocking them from playing to their full potential. Then she will help them find ways of moving ahead so that they leave the session with practical steps and strategies.

Each session is totally individual and is based around the musician and what they need. One session may prove to be enough, or it may be necessary to come back for a number of sessions.


Who Charlotte works with

 Charlotte specialises in working with professional musicians and students aspiring to be professional. She also works with amateurs and children. The work is inter-disciplinary and applies to musicians playing any instrument; the instrument may be different but the principles behind the problems are identical.


Next steps

Charlotte works either in person at her studio in Oxford or on Skype. Occasionally, she works in London. If you would like to book a session with Charlotte, you can contact her at or 07970 850057.


The story behind Performance Coaching

Most of Charlotte’s career has been performing internationally as a pianist/accompanist, teaching piano and coaching chamber music. Along side her performing and teaching career, she developed a way of working, a holistic approach for helping musicians suffering from performance anxiety and performance-related injuries (tendonitis & RSI) that has been developed largely from her own experience.

When she was a post-graduate pianist at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, she had beginnings of tendonitis. She struggled with it, not quite knowing where to go for help and not fully realising that there was also an emotional root in what she was dealing with. This led to a fascination in the connections between the mind, body and emotions and she spent over twenty years exploring and taking trainings in different forms of body and mind therapies, testing them out in her teaching.

The combination of all these trainings along with her own understanding of what it means to be a musician and her experience as a professional pianist and teacher for over 25 years has brought about this unusual and unique way of working. Charlotte works intuitively, searching out what each individual needs, what it is that gets in the way of that person realising their full potential as a musician and supports them in performing to the peak of their ability.