October 2015

Welcome to my first newsletter! I am planning to send this out once a month, with a mixture of links to interesting articles and videos I’ve come across, blogs I have written & videos I’ve been a part of, along with general news of what I’m up to.
Playing Scared by Sara Solovich
I was so delighted to hear of the recent publication of Sara Solovich’s book about her own personal experience and exploration of stage fright. I am due to read it soon, but from the extracts I’ve read, it seems totally fascinating. The book came out in June, just at the time that I was wrapping up the first Beyond Stage Fright video interview series, so unfortunately I couldn’t interview Sara at that point. But we have an interview pending for the next series, which I’m really looking forward to.
Here’s an extract from the book:
Interview for BBC TV’s Proms Extra
I thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed for the BBC Proms in early August. I was interviewed for 45 minutes and in the end, as often happens with TV, only around 30 seconds of my interview was broadcast! I was intrigued to see that the angle they took for the 4-minute mini-documentary was biased towards the extreme nature of musician’s nerves, with the cellist, Rachel Lander, speaking candidly about her horrendous experiences before and during concerts. To my knowledge, no research has been done on the how many musicians have this kind of extreme experience and because so few people want to talk about it at all, it’s very difficult to know. From my own experience of helping musicians manage their nerves, it is not often quite this extreme, but equally, on occasions it’s not that far off! Have a look and see what you think.
International Piano Academy, Konz, Germany
I spent a few days in September coaching on this two-week course in Germany. The students were wonderful and I loved every minute of the six hours of master classes I gave every day! This photo sums it all up for me. It was taken right at the end of a tiring but exhilarating day, when I was running out of steam. The Brazilian pianist who played was outstanding and, even though all the ideas came pouring out the following day, in my tired state at the time, I just couldn’t think of what to say to him!
Moving Beyond Stage Fright: the different ways Stage Fright shows itself
My time in Germany and an experience I had with one of the students inspired this blog that I would love to share.
Beyond Stage Fright – a second video interview series
And finally, as I mentioned briefly earlier, I am going to be hosting another Beyond Stage Fright interview series later on this year or early next year. I have started the correspondence and I am already getting some interviews lined up. It should be a wonderful series full of more top international musicians, writers and teachers. I will be in touch with more news about this when I have it.
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