Talks and master class

“Fascinating talk and masterclass with so many helpful insights on performance anxiety and the very human psychological and physiological effects on the body when performing.” – Aaron Shorr, Head of Keyboard, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland



“What a fascinating and informative talk and master class! I particularly agree with the aspect of accepting imperfection during the performance. We are all human and if you allow this humanity into performing, music becomes much more alive.” – Sinae Lee, Piano Professor, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland


“Charlotte’s technique concentrates on the person and their individual strengths and weaknesses.  By a gentle and unthreatening process, she coaxes remarkable changes in each subject’s performing skills.  I would not have believed it if I had not witnessed it myself. This was certainly one of the best ESTA master classes that I can remember”  – John Shaylor, Chairman for ESTA (European String Teachers Association)



“Very, very interesting talk an­d master class. There was an amazing sense of immediacy with the advice offered. I think this talk should be available to all musicians in RCS!” – Piano student, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.


“This was a really interesting, relatable and relevant class. So many useful ideas. I’ll definitely go away and think about everything, particularly being more aware of breathing, how specifically my body responds to stress and also to be more encouraging towards myself.” – Piano student, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.


“The practical session after the talk completely changed my view on dealing with performance nerves. Finally, I had practical solutions, which really worked and allowed me to play as well as I know I can.” – Music undergraduate, Oxford University


“The students themselves were thrilled with the event…the master class after the talk was spot on and Charlotte really tuned right in to their issues and what they needed in the moment. Very intuitive indeed!” – International Piano Academy of Ireland


Performance Coaching


“Charlotte’s innovative and insightful approach had an eye-opening impact on how I dealt with problems I was aware of but hadn’t dared deal with. In just a few sessions, my playing and my feeling on stage had dramatically changed to a level I wouldn’t have dreamt I’d be able to reach. I didn’t realise I could be so happy on stage – the change has been incredible!”  – Magdalena Geka, violinist, Trio Sora


“From the beginning of our session Charlotte knew immediately how to help by altering my mindset towards performance. The results were very quick and after our session I felt renewed focus, confidence and positivity towards my playing” – Young professional cellist


“Working with Charlotte was wonderful for me, a time I will treasure for my whole life. I had lost confidence in my singing just ahead of a big, important operatic role and my voice was showing the strain and tension. Within one hour of working together, I felt comfortable singing again, had regained my confidence and remembered why I love singing so much. She gave me the best performing advice I have ever received!” – Andres Felipe Agudelo Restrepo, Operatic Tenor


“I can honestly say that without Charlotte’s help, I wouldn’t be playing now. She moved me through a serious case of tendonitis at a critical stage of my education. She helped me let go of the pain, by showing me how to play the piano with freedom and helping build up the right muscle memory so I could apply it on my own. I have never had the pain since and I can play for hours without getting tired. She really knows her stuff and is fantastic at getting it across!” – Kit Downes, Jazz pianist, www.kitdownes.com


“This way of working is currently overlooked in most main stream music educational environments. I found it invaluable and would love Charlotte to come to Yale School of Music as a regular fixture. It’s what we all need!” – Masters student, Yale School of Music.


String players from Royal Northern College of Music:

“She helped me perform better all in the space of two minutes! I would say Charlotte is perfect for anyone who struggles to turn practice quality into performance quality.” 

 “Charlotte’s given me new ways to think about my practice and performing. When I played an extract with the new thought process it completely changed how I performed for the better.”

“I feel I have benefitted greatly from Charlotte’s coaching. She has opened my eyes to what was actually going on while I play, highlighting issues regarding tension and physical stress which have been preventing me from fully developing and improving.”

“I learned that my performance anxiety problems are linked with my practice and found solutions to become more myself when performing.”

“Charlotte is really supportive and interested in treating each person and their needs individually.”

“She has insight, understanding and her techniques are so relevant to musicians. She has an open and warm personality, and a good sense of humour, which also makes her approachable when dealing with quite uncomfortable and personal issues.”

 “Charlotte’s very focused, calming and encouraging. She explained everything clearly which makes her ideas and processes easier to understand. She will help you in changing anything you want in the way you perform.”

 “She really gave me a new outlook on being able to enjoy performing.”

“Every musician would benefit from 10 minutes with Charlotte!”

 “She helped me perform better all in the space of two minutes. I would say Charlotte is perfect for anyone who struggles to turn practice quality into performance quality.”

 “Book a session with Charlotte – it’s a great way to get closer to your full potential!” 


“Charlotte’s insight into my performance anxiety problems was amazing – after only a couple of sessions she’d nailed the causes, and we immediately got stuck into working together to resolve them – hard work sometimes, but we had fun too, and the results have been completely worth it!” – Anthony L. Jazz pianist

Piano Teaching

 “…the most valuable technical input I have ever had – even after all my years at the Royal College!” – Rob H, professional pianist, graduate of Royal College of Music


“Why travel to London for lessons when you have a top quality London teacher here in Oxford? Having had two years of lessons with Charlotte when I was at Oxford University, I would highly recommend her to any good, committed student!” – Jonathon S, Opera repetiteur, Scottish Opera


“Learning with Charlotte has enabled me to come into a connection with music that I didn’t know existed. It’s has showed me how performing can be an enjoyable, expanding experience and it’s given me a far deeper knowledge of how to express myself at the piano. I’ve never before seen the level of patience in a teacher that I’ve seen in Charlotte. It creates an environment where learning thrives because it becomes so enjoyable and easy. Charlotte has insights into piano technique, music and personal discovery that have literally changed my life!” – Ben G, graduate of Leeds College of Music


“The input Charlotte gave me musically and technically over the year I learnt with her has been invaluable. I feel so much more at ease with playing and more confident too. And that clearly showed in the distinction I got in my diploma!” – Ed W, music graduate of Oxford University


“My playing improved drastically since I learnt with Charlotte and she made me more confident and enthusiastic in my practice and performance. Her holistic approach also helped me relax and find passion in how I create music and has relieved lots of the tension and nervous energy that I now see I used to have. I am incredibly grateful to her.” – Freya W, Masters student, Sussex University


“Charlotte is an enthusiastic and dedicated piano teacher, coach, and musician. Her unique way of teaching technique changed my approach and helped me to find the ‘how’ behind each of my ideas at the piano. All this contributed towards the distinction I got in my diploma. I’d highly recommend her to any pianist who really wants to get somewhere on the piano!” – Lucy S, Princeton, USA


Chamber Music Coaching

“I loved working with Charlotte because she focused on what I needed as a musician – phrasing, how to listen and overall musicianship. She drew out the chamber musician in me.”Louisa Tuck, principal cellist, Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra www.louisatuck.net


“Charlotte has a real talent to see how the music is constructed and to help each player understand how they fit into the bigger picture. She taught us all about rehearsal technique and we were so inspired we wanted to rehearse for hours afterwards! She has an incredible ability to teach people to teach themselves.” – Ashley Fripp, concert pianist, www.ashleyfripp.co.uk


On Chamber Music International (2000-2007)

Founder & Artistic Director: Charlotte Tomlinson


“Chamber Music International was one of the most inspirational music courses I have ever been on.” – Thomas Gould, violinist www.thomasgould.com


“I felt immediately relaxed in the atmosphere, and there was a good balance between working hard and having fun. The coaching was fantastic!” – Gary Matthewman, pianist, www.askonasholt.co.uk/artists/accompanists/gary-matthewman


“It was a formative experience for me in learning about chamber music – it woke me up to what real chamber music was all about!” – Louisa Tuck, principal cellist, Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra www.louisatuck.net




“….a wonderfully talented pianist…”  – Ivry Gitlis


“….her playing is always wide ranging, fresh and imaginative” – John Lill


“Pianist Charlotte Tomlinson was remarkably sensitive and reliable…her playing throughout made a significant contribution to the success of the evening.”Irish News