Talks and Masterclasses

Charlotte offers two talks with a masterclass following:

  • Beyond Stage Fright: manage your performance nerves
  • Tension, aches and pains: why musicians should pay attention

 The talk gives a context to the topic and the masterclass afterwards gives an opportunity for the musicians taking part to put some of the learnings into practice immediately, for the audience to witness this and have the opportunity to support the musician on stage.

The talk and masterclass together last for two hours and even though each can be offered individually, they work best together.


Talk and Master Class given at the Royal Northern College of Music


What do the talks and master classes involve?

Beyond Stage Fright: manage your performance nerves

In this talk, Charlotte looks at how performance anxiety can arise and the possible psychological reasons behind it, along with some simple practical tools to manage the anxiety better. Read more here for next two paragraphs?

She shows how practising with the Objective Observer rather than with the Inner Critic, and aiming for excellence rather than perfection, can radically reduce out-of-control nerves. She encourages musicians to move on from performance anxiety that is uncomfortable & detrimental, into a place where adrenalin can enhance the performance so that playing in public can become truly enjoyable.

Tension, aches and pains: why musicians should pay attention

In this talk, Charlotte addresses the importance of not ignoring tension, aches and pains and catching any possible problems early. She looks at the possible causes, whether physical, psychological or emotional, and encourages musicians to take preventative action to stop any injury from taking hold with practical suggestions to enable an enjoyable and healthy performing life.


The master class that follows each talk is an opportunity to put the information into practice. Musicians play a short extract from a piece, and are supported in finding new freer and more enjoyable ways of managing tricky performance situations. This makes the master class more of a performance workshop than a conventional master class, interactive and informal in style and Charlotte is always keen to engage the audience in the learning process. It is inter-disciplinary and any instrumentalists or singers can take part


Why book a talk and master class?

Musicians, whether students or professionals, will gain unusual new insights from both talk and master class. Charlotte focuses on issues that are only just starting to be acknowledged in the musical world at large, and to have two hours devoted to these topics is both a luxury and even a necessity.

The talk sets the scene, with new emotionally intelligent approaches to practising and performing. But it is during the master class that things can really shift for the better, for both performer and audience member. Finding a massively improved way of performing in front of an audience who is encouraged to be really supportive, can be very powerful for the performer, even life changing. Equally, watching a fellow musician transform in front of your eyes can be inspirational and can show each observer that it is possible for them too!

“She helped me perform better all in the space of two minutes!

Masters student, Violin, Royal Northern College of Music.


Next steps?

Contact Charlotte directly for any questions you may have, for dates and fees.


Where has Charlotte given these talks and master classes?


  • Royal Northern College of Music
  • Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
  • Royal College of Music
  • Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
  • Royal Welsh College
  • Leeds College of Music
  • Sydney Conservatorium
  • Royal College of Music, Stockholm
  • Norwegian Music Academy, Oslo
  • Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
  • Singapore Raffles College of Music

Orchestras and Bands

  • Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
  • Sydney Symphony Orchestra (fellows)
  • National Orchestra of Great Britain
  • Royal Marines Band, Scotland

Music Schools

  • The Yehudi Menuhin School
  • Wells Cathedral School
  • St Mary’s Edinburgh

Summer Schools

  • Norfolk Chamber Music Festival (Yale Summer Music School, USA)
  • Chethams International Piano Summer School
  • Verbier Festival (2017)
  • Oxford International Piano Festival (2017)
  • Oxford Flute Summer School

Organisational Bodies

  • ABRSM teachers conference
  • World Federation of International Music Competitions
  • MMA conference and inset days
  • NAMHE conference
  • ISM webinars
  • EPTA
  • ESTA


  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Leeds
  • Huddersfield
  • York
  • York St John
  • Edinburgh Napier
  • Bristol


  • Bootham School, York
  • City of London, Ashtead
  • Eton College – scholars and instrumental staff
  • LES Loughborough
  • Magdalen College School, Oxford
  • Queen Anne’s Caversham
  • Sevenoaks School
  • St Mary’s School, Calne
  • King’s School, Chester
  • St Catherine’s School, Bramley
  • St Edmund College, Ware
  • St Edwards School, Oxford
  • Grange School, Hartford
  • Perse School, Cambridge
  • Wellington College
  • Westminster School