Charlotte Tomlinson is a performance coach who helps musicians realise their full potential.

CT4978lowWould you like to perform with assurance and a relaxed focus?

Know how to manage your nerves and physical tension?

Be sure of the music and confident of your musical expression?

And feel the exhilaration of ‘being in the zone’ when everything comes together on stage?

Performance coaching with Charlotte:

  • What Charlotte offers as a performance coach is above and beyond what conventional teaching offers. It is fully holistic – you are supported musically, physically, emotionally and psychologically.
  • She helps you move through blocks that are getting in your way – performance anxiety, physical tension or full blown performance-related injuries.
  • She helps you rebuild your relationship with your instrument if you have any distress or trauma around playing.
  • She draws the best out of you as a musician!

  •  Charlotte has been interviewed for the BBC Proms 2015 as an expert in Performance Anxiety in musicians.

‘This is an essential read for all musicians. I would highly recommend it.’

  • She has recently interviewed 21 top performing musicians about how they manage performance stress